San Jorge Packaging was present at the 16th National Olive Oil Meeting, which took place on Thursday, October 25 at the Manquehue Hotel, located at Esteban Dell`orto 6615, Las Condes, Santiago, Chile.
IIn this event, the olive oil producing companies and all the actors related to the industry met. On this occasion we announced our new product BAG – IN – BOX for edible oils, thanks to the alliance with DS Smith – Rapak.
The Bag – in – Box (BIB) solution for edible oils is a packaging alternative to traditional rigid containers. Bag in Box has excellent environmental credentials as it is easier to transfer, store and dispose of in waste collectors. In addition, BIB provides the best protection for storing, transporting and distributing your product.
The properties of the specialised films of the Rapak bag, together with the customized precision dispensing and molding solutions, offer a longer useful life to products once opened than traditional containers.
Why is BIB the best option?
  • No gurgling.
  • Protects against exposure to air.
  • Easier and more efficient to store.
  • 65% lighter than traditional containers.
  • Easy to transport.
  • Environmentally friendly.

Bags and films for edible oil.

Rapak offers a wide range of film options, including metallic and EVOH; and the most popular bag sizes of your choice.
Autokap ™ filling machines.
The Autokap Rapak BIB series includes machines; manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic multi-heads to fill fresh and stable or sensitive liquids. Autokap can also be adapted (or modified) for hot filling or cold filling of oily products. All components are manufactured from stainless steel and engineering plastics. Rapak fillers have been designed according to the European Hygienic Engineering & amp; Design Group (EHEDG); and comply with health and work standards of the European community (noise levels below 80 decibels). Rapak Autokap offers high-speed filling, on-site cleaning and an easy operator interface. Autokap gives the ability to adapt to different types of dispensing accessories and changes in bag sizes are easy and simple to make.
Accessories and covers for edible oil:
We offer several BIB dispensing options for edible oil, including spill tops, quick lids and collars for aseptic products. Our pouring lids are specifically designed to offer ease of dispensing.

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