Since Intasept was presented by Rapak, the industry leader in flexible packaging and part of the DS Smith Plastics Division, the aseptic part of the business has grown to be 12% of the total European sales of Bag-in-Box. The aseptic Bag-in-Box market in Europe is estimated at 62 million litres and continues to grow, as this packaging format successfully penetrates new product categories. Bag-in-Box for functional foods is one of the new areas where growth is expected for this packaging format.

The use of Rapak Intasept aseptic filling technology in a Bag-in-Box format for functional foods is used to supply active ingredients such as Omega 3 and vitamins that are added to dairy and other products.

Rapak’s Intasept technology consists of a neck and filling systems that are used together for sealed hygienic packaging of aseptic products in the Bag-in-Box packaging. The singularity of the system is due to the double membrane technology of the neck, which is available in formats of 32 mm and 16 mm.

In 2013, the next generation of the 32mm Intasept gland was introduced to the market with a new patented technology to increase enthusiasm for Bag-in-Box packaging. This development ensured a more effective seal of the flexible bag, thus improving the safety and integrity of Rapak's Intasept aseptic technology. Rapak has also expanded its range of Bag-in-Box aseptic dispensing accessories, enabling the use of the Intasept aseptic filling technology for Bag-in-Box for a wider variety of liquid products in a variety of market segments such as dairy products, juices, coffee, tea and beer concentrates, among other drinks, and soft mix ice cream, creams, custards, puddings, soups, broths, sauces, fruit and vegetable purees and pulp with particles up to 10 mm, amongst other foods.

As for the Intasept aseptic Bag-in-Box filling equipment, these compact and versatile machines are available in both semi-automatic and fully automatic options for 1-20 litre bags, as well as for bulk containers. They provide a sterile and completely sealed aseptic product transfer route for low and high acid products without using any chemical sterilizing agent. The system is easy to install with only steam, compressed air and single-phase power. No special factory environment is required since Intasept’s closed transfer system excludes ambient air from all stages of the filling process.

The strong acceptance of Intasept technology in the market demonstrated the ability of Rapak to offer the highest levels of sterility for the aseptic filling of Bag-in- Box. The company believes that this technology will continue to expand into new product categories, such as pharmaceutical and value-added products.

DS Smith Rapak is distributed in Chile by San Jorge Packaging.

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