San Jorge Packaging is synonymous with innovation, which is why we are constantly searching for ever better and more efficient solutions to satisfy our customers.


The advance of the technologies, the new environmental regulations, the competitiveness in the costs of the packagings and the different needs in the area of the Packaging, are the fronts that nourish our plan of innovation and development. In San Jorge Packaging we managed to make this wide range of variables coexist, allowing us to offer the customer a product with the best quality, according to their needs.


The demands of the different markets have led San Jorge Packaging to focus strongly on the innovation and quality of its packaging, for which it is essential to have a comprehensive quality management system. This system is characterized by being methodical, efficient and effective, allowing to collect the needs of customers and translate them into products that meet the precepts of quality, environmental protection and health of workers. This Integrated Management System of San Jorge Packaging, has equipped its Laboratory for Quality Control of its packaging, specific first line equipment, necessary for modified atmosphere technology, as well as trained personnel, which allows us to formulate and develop highly competitive and quality products, according to the demands of our customers.



Development and Analysis of new products

This function plans the quality standards that the future products that will enter production will have, and advises the personnel to ensure that the final product meets the pre-established quality and performance requirements, requested by the client.


Quality Assurement

This function is divided into 3 fundamental aspects for the operations of San Jorge Packaging: to. Quality control: On all the raw materials that enter the plant, to ensure from the beginning of the production, the quality of the final product.

a. Quality Control: On all the raw materials that enter the plant, to ensure from the beginning of the production, the quality of the final product.

b. Process Control: Constant monitoring of the process and its variation around the critical parameters. In this function measurements are made in different stages of the process, allowing to detect and correct deviations that may affect the quality, avoiding that products outside of specifications reach the final customer. San Jorge Packaging thanks to Process Control allows you to ensure the quality of the products, the minimization of waste and therefore the protection of the environment, with emphasis on the early detection and prevention of problems of their production processes.

c. Characterization of the products: All product that leaves the production area, is checked and checked that its attributes agree with the specifications established by the client. In this way we ensure a constant quality level of our products, guaranteeing the customer that each package is equal to another, regardless of the time period in which it was purchased.


Quality Management

Feedback to the production process of possible deviations that may occur in the development of our packaging. For this, the Integrated Management System of San Jorge Packaging is submitted to an Audit Program, whose objective is to complete the continuous improvement cycle in this way, and to introduce the necessary adjustments to the System so that its performance improves every day.