San Jorge Packaging® at the XIV International Blueberries Seminar

On April 11, the XIV International Blueberries Seminar was held at the Monticello Events Center, in Santiago, Chile. Our commercial team was present at this opportunity in booth number 16; there was a grandattendance from the diverse sectors of the national and international blueberry industry.

Exhibitions of great interest were offered for the development of the industry and its different aspects. According to Blueberries consulting, the topics discussed were received with great attention by the more than 350 attendees, who actively participated in the rounds of questions, with specific concerns and left very informed in respect to the reality and management of the cultivation of blueberries and the agrofrutícola production in general.

The program was extensive and diverse, although always pointing to the topics of greatest interest that currently relate to the industry, or that are necessary for producers.

In short, it was a seminar that took charge of the real problems of the industry at present and the most effective ways or measures to recover competitiveness in the international concert of the production and export of blueberries.




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