Second version of the Global Cherry Summit!

San Jorge Packaging participated in the event organized by Yentzen Group and Produce Business, held on April 25, 2019, at the Conference Center at Hotel Monticello, San Francisco de Mostazal, Chile.

Global Cherry Summit 2019 offered a unique vision on the cherry trade, new varieties, logistics, crop management and post harvest techniques, as well as networking opportunities and the possibility of participating in a day that allowed a further look into  this industry that is evolving in leaps and bounds.

With Chile’s exports growing by almost double during the 2017-2018 season to reach 187,142 metric tons, the country plays a key role as a leader in cherry shipments, which is why we want to be present as a strategic partner in the industry helping them to be better prepared for the new scenarios that come with large export volumes.

On this occasion we announced our Fresh Fresh containers that help to significantly improve the conservation of fresh fruit and vegetables for export.

MODIFIED ATMOSPHERE TECHNOLOGY Flexible packaging, which, through the passive interaction between the content and the packaging, allows to prolong the useful life of the fruit, maintaining both its quality and condition.

TECHNOLOGY FOR HUMIDITY CONTROL Flexible packaging, similar to the modified atmosphere, whose function is to retain the humidity of the fruit inside the sealed container.

HIGH HUMIDITY TECHNOLOGY Flexible packaging, designed to maintain and / or contain a high relative humidity inside the container, avoiding the dehydration of fruits and vegetables, maintaining their freshness during short-term air or sea transport.

CARGO TECHNOLOGY Flexible containers, sealable and with perforations strategically located that facilitate the cooling of fruits that do not require a modified atmosphere, with the objective of maintaining the turgor and freshness of the fruits.




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