San Jorge Packaging to conquer the world with the use of modified atmosphere technology.

ASIA FRUIT LOGISTIC (AFL), corresponds to an exhibition fair of companies and international organizations related to the fresh fruits and vegetables market, in which products, receivers, materials, etc. are presented or displayed. The fair offers a complete view of the market, from a focus on the fresh produce sector and the related value chain; ensuring a unique exhibition throughout Asia.

The fair also offers the opportunity to establish new business contacts, as it brings together key players from around the world. This makes the event great value for visitors and exhibitors.

The Fair was held at the International Events Center; Asia World Export, located in Hong Kong, between Wednesday September 05th to Friday September 08th.

San Jorge Packaging, participates for the second consecutive time in the AFL; making its products associated with different types of packaging and technologies for the maintenance of fresh fruit in transit to its known destination. Among these technologies we can mention Modified Atmosphere, Humidity Control, High Humidity and Cargo Technology.

The delegation of San Jorge Packaging, was composed by:

  • Ricardo Merino (Account Manager)
  • Ramón Pavez (Account Manager)
  • Alvaro Campos (Head of the Post Sale Department and Account Manager)
  • Jorge Castillo (International Project and Chairman of the Board)
  • Marcela Martínez (Technical Advisory Manager)

The participation of San Jorge Packaging, in terms of the use of the platform, aims to not only make or mark presence with our direct customers, corresponding mostly to Chilean exporters, but to also meet the possible requirements in terms of already developed packaging or others to be developed by potential clients abroad. In this way not only do we “Show and serve our customers”, but also expand coverage in terms of the sale of packaging internationally; boosting and increasing the sales and growth of our company.

The benefits vary according to the target market that we face, but in general they have to do with “positioning of brand and services”, which have been recognized not only nationally, but internationally by Chilean exporters, but also by receivers of these exporters. Being the latter who have requested a time for this part. The use of our packaging and technology is associated with optimal arrival of various fruits to their destinations.

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