In May, the San Jorge Packaging team participated in the XI Blueberries Seminar in Peru, in which the neighboring country was highlighted as an industry in active growth that seeks to consolidate its position in international markets.
The conference was attended by both nationally and internationally recognized speakers in a new form of a round table, allowing all attendees to be spectators of the debate and to participate in the conversation between experts in the contingent topic of the blueberry industry.
During the last 5 seasons, San Jorge Packaging has been working on consolidating a position with our customers, regarding the validation of our packaging, as well as the sales. Due to the above, important sales were made last year; and therefore as a company, and given our commitment to the industry, we have arrived at the decision to create the company San Jorge Packaging Peru.
A company that will have a central supply in the area of ​​Trujillo and that aims to have a stock of materials as such that will allow us to quickly and efficiently supply to all our customers. Those that are mostly located in this area.
In this way we are demonstrating the commitment of our company to our Peruvian customers, as well as the firm conviction of being in front of an industry that has presented an exponential growth these last two seasons, which must use technology to ensure the best way of arrival of their products to distant markets, such as Europe or the Far East.

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